Wall covering from natural and real wood










Manufacturing of GMW wall covering is unstandardized. It is being done manually to meet the needs and requirements of each individual customer.

Wooden wall coverings create the feeling of warmth and make the space more elegant and delicate. How the individual pieces of wood are being assembled is different and depending on the nature of putting the pieces together; type of wood; and finishing color it will create a particular feeling. It is possible to thematically relate the color and type of wood to type of wooden furniture. The wooden coverings can take either a portion of wall surface or the whole area. With quantity of wall coverings you can not overdo since you can assemble them in various colors, shapes, dimensions and as a result you will break the monotony of larger sheets.

Use of wood in interior usually enriches the space. Hence, use of this type of coverings will be definitely the perfect choice. Wooden coverings are usually being installed on one wall. That wall will be more emphasized and usually the same color and wood type is used within individual parts of the interior. Sometimes all the walls are being covered with wood or even the ceilings, which makes an effective visual impression. Wooden coverings are being manufactured in diverse shapes, which you can explore more in our catalogue of products.

About Us

GMW doo wall coverings from natural full wood are manufactured with great attention to detail and choice of best materials. They are certainly in category of exclusive decorative interior elements.


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